Monday, 1 August 2011

Haggis, Football & Baking!

Hi boys. Hope that you are all well and not missing me too much.
Sorry I have not posted recently but I have been doing so many great things. It has been a very busy time for me here in Scotland.
I told you that I ate Haggis. Well it is the national dish of Scotland but not everyone here likes it. I enjoyed it, even after hearing what was in it. It is the heart liver and lungs of a sheep mixed with oatmeal and seasoning and cooked in a sheep's stomach. I know it sounds disgusting but it tastes great.  Scotland’s most famous poet is called Rabbie Burns. I went to the house where he was born and I will post you photographs soon. He is so famous here that they have a special day where they celebrate his poems. They eat haggis and drink whisky. Haggis is eaten with mashed potato and mashed turnip. It is really funny because they call it Haggis, Neeps and Tatties.
They have different names for lots of things over here. An elevator is a lift. A sidewalk is a pavement, a freeway is a motorway and soccer is called football here. There are lots of others and I will tell you more when I remember them.
Football is the biggest sport in Scotland. They think it strange that in American football the players don’t use their feet. There are lots of teams in Scotland but the 2 biggest ones are Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic. Ian, who is Laineys’ husband likes Glasgow Rangers. In fact, one day he took me to Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow where they play.
Here is a photograph of me outside the gates.

It is a very famous team and is one of the oldest clubs in the world.
The team have a mascot called Broxie Bear. Here is a clip of him before a game started.
One day I helped Heather bake some cakes. It was great fun but a bit messy. I got flour on my lamp and hat and boots but it was worth it . Everything was really tasty.

It was really hard work and I had to sit down for a rest.
There was one moment that was so funny. I got some flour up my nose and it tickled so much, I sneezed. Look at what happened!!!
Well, I will let you know more of my adventures very soon.
Missing you all.


  1. Hi Ned,
    We all love the football to in our house so glad the season starts soon.
    We are all Chelsea fans here.

    See you have been busy in the Kitchen.I need to get back to the garden now, do a bit of fishing in the fish pond. bye Harry Gnome

  2. Well hello there Ned, what an adventure you have had, where I live in the UK -a long way from Lainey- we used to have real pirates at a place called Moonfleet, you can still get the book about it . Although it is a bit scarey.
    We don't have pirates nowadays here though, but we are hosting the sailing event for the Olympic games next year,so you may see Weymouth and Portland on the t.v.
    I do not think I would like Haggis, but you seemed to enjoy your food .
    Hope your holiday continues to be a good one and the boys at home are not missing you too much.

  3. Hello Ned, I see you are having a wonderful time. After you are done seeing the world and come back to the states you should visit sunny California. You could visit Hollywood and see if your footprints match any of the stars on the walk of fame.

  4. OH Ned, that Haggis sounds perfectly awful but then I have never eaten it. If you say it is good then I will take your word for it. You look like quite a baker with that flour all around. I am looking forward to seeing where your travels take you next.

  5. Ned, looks like you are getting some followers besides me and the boys! How fun!! I read your latest adventures to the boys. My favorite was their reaction to the description of Haggis!! We'll just take your word for it that it is good to eat! The boys really love baseball - does anyone play that in Scotland? Oh, and Reed giggled when he saw the picture of what happened when you sneezed while baking. I'm sure the treats you made were yummy!

  6. Oh Ned: You are so lucky to travel so much I hope your journey is a healthy one, please stay away from the sweets you may not fit in the plane seat when you go home.
    I have had Haggis love love it.
    A Scotsman made them for me yum.
    Happy travels Ned.

  7. Wow Ned you seem to certainly enjoy travelling! My little boy made some cakes yesterday and he had flour all over the place and like you got it up his nose and for some reason in his ears as well! Take care of yourself x

  8. Looks like you are having a wonderful time Ned! Emma is reading this with me, and is hoping someday you will be able to visit us in Wisconsin, USA. We could take you a lot of places and you could meet Bessie. She's a giant cow that everyone stops to have a picture taken with. (she isn't a real cow) :)

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  10. Hello little Ned! Looks like you're having a grand time in Scotland--not sure about eating haggis though...oh my!

    I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay and I look forward to hearing about your next adventures :)

  11. Ned: If you ever want to go to the Mall of America or the water slide please make a stop in Minnesota.