Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What a journey!

Hi boys....what a journey I have had to get to Scotland, but what an amazing adventure it was too.
I was in the mail lady’s bag when I fell out. I didn't know what I was going to do but I was near the train track and jumped on a train that was heading to the ocean.
The ocean was so beautiful and I decided that I wanted to go on a ship. I didn't know where to go, so went to McDonalds to think, and go to the restroom, as it was a long train journey.
As I was eating my chocolate donut I heard a lot of cheering and stuff. I went outside and who did I see but Captain Jack Sparrow. Wow I thought.
He was looking for a crew for his next adventure so I said “me, me”. He picked me up and said....”Argh, me little gnome friend, I have got just the job for you!!!” He took me onto the Black Pearl and showed me my cabin. It was full of really
nasty looking pirates...but they were all very nice to me. I told them the mark on my nose was caused during a fight with Blackbeard and they were all very impressed.
My job? I was helping in the galley making the food for the crew. As a special treat, I was allowed to sit with Captain Jack every night as he told stories of his adventures. We became good friends.
He told  me that he was going to Scotland as he had never been there before. Some of his crew came from Scotland and wanted to see their families.
I thought this was a great idea, as your mum has a good friend called Lainey in Scotland and I could go and visit her. I was sure she wouldn’t mind.
When the ship arrived in Scotland we sailed up the River Clyde and into Glasgow. It was very sad when I left all my new friends but Captain Jack gave me a photograph to remind me of the special journey to Scotland.

After I got off the Black Pearl I went into Glasgow City Centre. It is a very old city with lots of beautiful buildings. There are lots of new ones too and plenty of places for me to visit.
I managed to remember Laineys name and I found her address in a phone book. I checked the bus times and got a bus to the small town she stays in the country. Scotland looks beautiful and the people are very helpful. Even the bus driver dropped me off near to Lainey house and pointed me in the right direction.
For a minute, I thought I was home in Pennsylvania as there was a flower pot just like mine in her garden. I sat there for a rest before the door opened. It was a lovely girl. I thought it was Lainey, but I discovered later that Lainey is much older. It was her daughter Heather. She got a bit of a fright seeing me but I quickly told her who I was. She shouted on Lainey who came to the door and took this photograph of Heather and me.
Lainey said I can spend summer in her house and she and her really nice husband Ian will take me places. I hope I can go back to Glasgow.
Heather has a big brother called Craig. He is tall and like a giant to me.
Well just wanted to let you know I had arrived safely. I have even ate Haggis for my dinner. It was nice.
I miss you all but will keep posting my adventures...Lots of Love, Ned


  1. Hello Ned! This is the littlest brother. I was wondering where your next journey will be? Did Captain Jack give you any pirate stuff? What in the world is Haggis? Was it good? I'll be waiting to hear from you again!

  2. This is way to funny I love the Gnome traveler he is adorable.